Saturday, October 16, 2010

Most days... I sit and dream of gesso and torn book pages.. making incredible backgrounds filled with dreamy textures and eye catching shades of color combos.
This sketching whymsical portraits has been a great distraction, a wonderful way to pass the time at work when things are slow, a great way to get in tune with the artist that wishes SO badly to emerge. If I could just get my mind outta the way. If I could just silence her. More magic would happen. More wishes would come true.

This is Princess, she doesn't have a name at this time, she has no time period she's from, she just emerged- telling me she wanted a Tiara and a high bun... and green blue.. yes green blue.
I am learning little quirks about me and the time I spend on these little art works.
And each time I want to do more, and think of what I can do the next time.. when that blank stark white canvas is staring at me ....
She's sad- but I don't know why.
And now it's on to the next piece.


Tracy Carlton said...

this is beautiful, letting her tell you what she needs. awesome. you'll get there, you're actually on your way already!