Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am evolving into this crazy world of art.
There is so much variety.
It's like music.
There is something for everyone.
I am in awe constantly everyday of all the ideas that people come up with.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I come to my blank sheet because there is so much inspiration floating around's hard to channel just one thing.
Whats great about that is that... I have plenty of time to put my hands into everything..even if it's just once ...

My newest and greatest love so far is this portrait making... more to come... maybe some darker ones in lew of Halloween and you know I love my gothic lovlies with spider webs and pearls and lace...
oh.. there comes another idea! Gotta go more later..


Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Kristina! I found your blog via Connie's post featuring paintings from the BIG workshop. Wanted to stop by and tell you that I love, love, love this painting!! Its amazing! I am new to art but also like to paint these type of portraits.

I signed up for the next BIG workshop and am very excited!

I look forward to following your work!