Monday, August 16, 2010

Laid Up...

So I've been laid up...

All started with a bump on my leg (ingrown hair). I was wearing crop pants so I decided to put a bandaid on it so that nobody would SEE the hideous red bump on my leg...


Allergic reaction to the Hello Kitty bandaid.
Bad Kitty.

Part II.

I thought they were ingrown hairs. I poked and proded and put Neosporin on ALL the bumps that showed up were the sticky glue was.

allergic reaction to the neosporin.

Part III.

Didn't know ANY of this until one day... I can't walk. I have chills. My leg is swollen x3 it's normal size.
I finally decide it's time for the doctor.

Doctor says.. Yikes! That's nasty. Go to the hardware store and get a hacksaw and chop that leg off and while you're at it get a weedwhacker for that hair growth LMAO! I love my doctor.

He prescribes 2 weeks of antibiotics. And a triple antibiotic cream for the wounds.


I'm soooo tired! I cannot believe it's gotten this bad all because of a little allergic reaction.
Next time I vow to NOT play Dr. Kitty.
I will go to the doc straight away!

Upside to all this, because I am a girl full of wish and silver linings, I have done art.
Yes folx.. THIS JUST IN--- you can Paint and Draw in BED! :)
And so that has been nice. Creative bump.
Also I've been wanting to move my body more.
Yoga maybe? I think I'm too fat for yoga.
DEF. need to start walking.
I am smack dab in the middle of an epiphany.

Universe: Get out and walk, you will feel better.

Me: I will I will stop being so pushy.

Universe: It's been weeks/months/1 year since you said you would.

Me: I will I will stop being so pushy.

Universe: I now bestow upon you an INFECTION in your leg. You cannot walk, even if you wanted to.


Universe: Are you listening now?

Me: Yes.
Universe: Good. Remember, when you promise yourself something, do it. Period. Get rest. Make the changes that are do-able. We love you.

Me: I will I will stop being so pushy :) just kidding Universe you know I got jokes!
Universe: sigh...

Upside: I got my GALLON of Gel Medium from BLICK... whatchout now! Oh gawd I love it.. I want to name it and put a leash on it and take it with me everywhere!

I'm sleepy- gotta go get rest!
Love to you all cupcakes.


Amy said...

Kitty! I love your blog! Hope you are feeling better! ~*~*~*~*