Friday, August 6, 2010

Betty the Brush

So I have an angled brush... she's purple.
She was like my very first brush I ever had.

Her name is Betty Brush.

So am I like the only one that does that or what?

im wierd huh?
I will call her because she likes to hide from me.

"Betty ... come out and play now"!
And my husband thinks it's hilarious.

And oh when the boy smiles : )

Today on the drive to work, trying to get outta my F U N K of having to work in the "real" world... I witness the prettiest unfolding of light.

I live by the ocean/bay and it's always thick with marine layer.
However I work slightly inland so there usually is the typical blue skies : )

Well this morning it was a tinge of yellowish/orange with the gray/white of the marine layer...
and the 7 sisters (a cluster of mountains) were glorious bathing in this light and fog swirling.....

and oh yeah YOU'RE DRIVING!

I find myself looking at EVERYTHING and thinking... how would I convey that with paint??

it's a wonderful transformation.
it's like in Interview with a Vampire when Lestat turns Louie into a vampire and he sees colors vibrant.. and things are
A L I V E !
weird analogy (but if you've seen the movie or read the book you know what I mean).

Anywho I simply must get some sleep.

I had a fantabulous time tonight with photolicious. I plan on doing another couple pages to see how they turn out : ) I already have a bunch in mind to print yayzers.

I even worked with NON pink/red/blue's tonight : )
Because my heart said it was okay to do so!

And I made a new Girly. Sullen Girl Morena :)
She's pretty and she makes me happy.

WEll cupcakes I bid you ADO.. wait... ADU... wait what?