Monday, June 7, 2010

Wishful Prayers

fascinating what a difference a day makes.

Monday's aren't supposed to be good, however mine was of exception today-yay me.
I started a list of the projects and materials I need.
I need to make something... get it out of my system- it's gnawing away at my insides.

So as the blog title says
Full Of Wish.

What are my wishes?
What are wishes?
Is a wish that doesn't come true still a wish that comes true, because everything happens for a reason?

Wishes are prayers, the first prayers I made as a child.
Not realizing that I was praying...

I wished so many things in that little community of Whittier Woods.
I've half a mind to write a book....
One thing , one think at a time!

I don't like summer. I am a fall girl. I like to bundle up and smell the changing of the season.
Summer, is sticky and hot.
And reminds me that I do not look as cute as others in summer dresses.

My daughter was talking today and I realized that I wasn't really listening I was observing her mannerisms and admiring her with this huge grin on my face.
I do that with my son too.


those are their nicknames. And no I didn't plan it that way...but it's totally the opposite.
Rhiannon is definitely sunshine and Jake is definitely rain.

And then there is Hewdie.. but that is a story for another time.

Still need a keyboard.